For Everyday Safety

Measures against Respiratory Infection from New Strain of Coronavirus in Wuhan, China

A Notice from Tottori Prefecture:
○Medical facilities in the prefecture are on the alert. Information is distributed as soon as new developments are confirmed. Residents are urged to remain calm.
○Persons entering the country or returning from high-risk areas such as Wuhan are urged to request quarantine in the event of any symptoms such as cough or fever.
○Persons experiencing cough or high fever after having entered the country should contact a local health facility and report for diagnosis in accordance with the directions of a health professional.
○Sanitary precautions such as hand washing and wearing a surgical mask are essential for prevention.

For consultation in case of high fever (24-hour hotline):
Tottori City Health Office 0857-22-5694 (night line 0857-22-8111)
Kurayoshi Health Office 0858-23-3145
Yonago Health Office 0859-31-9317

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