For Everyday Safety

In this season, floods and landslides may be caused by torrential rain in Japan.
Please pay attention to the weather forecast and information from your local government. Check for where to evacuate near your home.
If you feel your safety is in danger, evacuate immediately.
Please also check the following apps and websites. “Safety tips” “NHK WORLD-JAPAN” “Japan Safe Travel”(PDF Ministry of Justice Website)

A Notice to All Foreign Residents:

▼Collected information about COVID-19 in simplified Japanese and other languages is now available. Get access to the correct information on how to claim your economic relief package (100,000 yen), new rules pertaining to immigration, and other essential rules and customs for daily life.

【COVID-19 Economic Relief Package: 100,000 yen per Individual】

■ Foreign residents are also eligible.
・Individuals registered as residents with the city office as of 2020.04.27 are eligible to receive this fund.
* Sojourners staying 3 months or less in Japan do not qualify as legal residents, and are not eligible for this package.

■ To claim your relief fund:
(1) Check your mail for a notice and form from the city office.
(2) Enter your information and banking details on the form.
(3) Enclose a copy of your bank passbook and ID (such as passport) with the form.
(4) Send your documents by post to the city office (within three months of the date of the start of applications).
→ Wait for the sum to appear in your bank account.

* Online applications are available if you have a My Number Card.

【!】Watch out for scams!

▼ Relief package information in English from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications:

■Try to stay home as much as possible to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

Use soap to wash your hands and be sure to disinfect your fingers. Wear a face mask.

【!】Stay home as much as possible.
【!】Maintain a distance of two metres between persons.
【!】Reduce all social interactions by 80%
【!】Do not travel outside your prefecture of residence.

Take all precautions to avoid infection and to avoid infecting others when shopping or talking to others.

【For more information and consultations on the coronavirus】→

(!) Important Information about the Novel Coronavirus

Take all possible precautions to prevent the spread of infection. Wash hands and disinfect fingers. Wear a face mask. Maintain a distance of at least 1m, and if possible 2m, between persons.

【!】Reduce all social interactions by 80%
【!】Do not travel to other prefectures.
【!】Avoid going out to eat or drink (to izakaya, night clubs, bars) or to karaoke or sports gyms.
【!】Infection was confirmed at the bar BUZZ in Matsue City. Please call the hotline below if you were at BUZZ between 3/17 and 4/9.

【Novel coronavirus information and consultation hotline】→