For Everyday Safety

【A Special Notice from Animal Quarantine Services】

If you bring meat or animal products illegally, you can also be arrested. Violators would be punishable with imprisonment or fine. Your cooperation helps protect Japan’s livestock against illness from abroad.

■Census 2020
The Census covers everyone that has lived or plans to live in Japan for more than three months, regardless of nationality. Everyone that is covered is legally obliged to respond, so please be sure to do so. Online Response Period (Monday, Sept 14 to Wednesday, Oct 7)

■Typhoon Haishen

【English(NHK World)】

【Multilingual(NHK World)】

■Be careful of heavy rain (Ministry of Justice)

In this season, floods and landslides may be caused by torrential rain in Japan.
Please pay attention to the weather forecast and information from your local government. Check for where to evacuate near your home.
If you feel your safety is in danger, evacuate immediately.
Please also check the following apps and websites. “Safety tips” “NHK WORLD-JAPAN” “Japan Safe Travel”(PDF Ministry of Justice Website)

A Notice to All Foreign Residents:

▼Collected information about COVID-19 in simplified Japanese and other languages is now available. Get access to the correct information on how to claim your economic relief package (100,000 yen), new rules pertaining to immigration, and other essential rules and customs for daily life.