COVID-19: Specialized Volunteer Interpreter Services to Resume

To help curb the spread of COVID-19, dispatch of volunteer interpreters was suspended from 8 April in favour of telephone interpreting services. Dispatch will be considered for persons responding to the Questionnaire below.
  • Please return your completed Questionnaire to us by email or fax. You may also relay your responses to us by telephone.
  • Be sure to send your dispatch request form as well. ( Link to request form page )
  • We will determine whether to provide dispatch after reviewing your responses. Please return the Questionnaire promptly. This means at least three days prior to the date you require an interpreter—five days prior if on Saturday, or four days if on a Sunday.

Questionnaire (Individual)→  word

   ●Important Note (Interpreter Dispatch during the Pandemic)→  word

We are unable to provide interpreter dispatch for persons experiencing fever or cough, or who are in contact with persons with these symptoms. Telephone interpreting will be provided instead.

Depending on the state of the pandemic within Japan, we may be unable to provide dispatch for persons who have been outside the prefecture within the two weeks prior to the requested date of dispatch, or to those planning to travel outside the prefecture. In these cases telephone interpreting will be provided.

The party requesting the service bears all telephone charges for the call during which the interpreting takes place.

Where interpreter services are requested by a medical, health, public, or educational establishment, approval must be granted by the foreign national to be party to the interpreting, and the individual must also respond to the Questionnaire.