International Coordinator Schedules for 2017

Won't you come talk to our international coordinators? <Schedules for 2017>

Coordinators from overseas are here to answer your questions. Sessions are normally limited to thirty minutes at a time. It is not necessary to make an appointment, but you may wish to telephone ahead to make sure they are here when you want to speak with them.
※Guides to each office can be found here: Head Office (Tottori International Center), Kurayoshi Office, Yonago Office

◎ Native-tongue (English or Chinese) consultations on matters of daily living
◎ Chat and information exchange in Japanese
◎ Foreign-language (English or Chinese) conversation practise and language-related questions
(Chinese language is available at all 3 locations. English is at head office only.)


<Main Office/International Center> (English coordinator's schedule has changed.)

■English language: Tremain Xenos
■Chinese language: Yu Lan Liang, Jie Qin
Day English Chinese
9:00-12:00 13:00-17:00
Mon Xenos (13:30-18:00) Qin Qin
Tue Liang Liang
Wed Qin
Thu Xenos (15:00-18:00) Liang Liang
Fri Xenos (15:30-18:00) Qin Qin

<Kurayoshi Office>

■Chinese language: Yu Lan Liang, Wednesdays 13:15-17:15  

<Yonago Office> (Now with Friday afternoons in addition to Tuesdays and Thursdays)

■Chinese language: Jeamy Lo Fang, Tuesdays and Thursdays 9AM-5PM; Fridays 1PM-5PM

(This version updated May 2017; schedules subject to change.)

Coordinator Blogs  

Tales of life in Tottori, cultural experiences, useful information, current local events, things about where our coordinators come from and more is available on the following blogs.

★English Coordinator's Blog (in English) → Here
★Chinese Coordinator's Blog (in Chinese) → Here