Yonago International Exchange Festival 2017

Yonago International Exchange Festival 2017

Won't you join us and introduce your and lifestyle?

・Stage perfprmances………………song and/or dance performance 10 minutes or less
・Sales of food &refshments………Refreshments and goods from around the wprld may be sold
・Exhibits,activities,experiences…Presentations related to intercultural exchange

【Submitting Forms】
Complete the special registration form and send to our office.
The form is available for download HERE. Flyer is HERE.
Foems must be received by Wednesday,31 May 2017.


【Participation Designation】
・Due to venue space limitations, lots will be drawn in the case of a high volume of registrants.

・We request that all entrants attend the initial explanatory meeting of the Executive Committee from 1:00-3:00PM on Sturday,10 June at the Yonago City Office 4F,Room 401.