2018 Disaster Prevention Handbook & Emergency Card

New Version of the Disaster Prevention Handbook and Emergency Card Available!(Now with Vietnamese

The Disaster Prevention Handbook(simple Japanese version)including portions in English, Chinese, Tagalog & Vietnamese

The Disaster Prevention Handbook & resource for personal preparation uses simplified Japanese to explain how individuals can prepare for earthquakes, heavy rain, typhoons and blizzards. Readings of kanji words are included and expressions are made as simple as possible. In addition to Japanese expressions indispensible for emergency situations, explanations are added in English, Chinese, Tagalog, and Vietnamese.

3rd Edition, available for download here (PDF)
Print a copy for easy use! (A5 size, 36 pages)

Emergency Card

In simple Japanese, English, Chinese, Tagalog, and Vietnamese. Keep yours on hand at all times to be ready in case of emergency. Cards are available at every TPIEF office.
Check it out here(PDF)

Revised 2018

Mobile Telephone Information Service(torimo)

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