Supporting Membership

TPIEF is seeking to widen its base of support to offer a wider variety of services and internationally-focused experiential learning opportunities to residents of Tottori prefecture. Perhaps you have always felt that you would like to help make Tottori more internationally aware, but were unsure where to start. TPIEF is the perfect place to start! Help support your local TPIEF!

Membership categories and costs:

· Membership runs from 1 April through 31March of the following year.
· Membership fees will be prorated for those joining mid-term.
· For your convenience, membership fees can also be paid for several years in advance.

How to join:

Membership forms and fees can be submitted at any TPIEF office. Forms are aslo available at the public facilities listed below. After filling in the form, you can send your payment through any branch of Tottori Ginko (Tottori Bank) or San-in Godo Ginko (Go-gin).

*Forms are available at:
Tottori Prefectural Office (Tottori Ken-min Shitsu), offices of the Sogo Jimusho Kenmin-kyoku, Tottori Prefectural Library, local libraries, Kurayoshi Mirai Chushin, Tottori City International Exchange Plaza, Koubou (Studio) Guruguru, Yonago City Bunka Hall, Yonago City Fukushi Hoken Sogo Center, and Hon-no-Gakko in Yonago.

Benefits of membership:

We will be glad to send you a membership form by post.
For more information, please contact TPIEF at 0857-31-5951or by email at