【!】COVID-19【!】More Cases Reported in Tottori City

【!】 A warning has been issued for the eastern municipalities of Tottori, Chizu, Wakasa, Yazu, and Iwami. (29 July-12 August)
【Infection is spreading in urban areas nationwide】
Exercise particular caution when traveling to and returning from the greater Tokyo and Osaka areas, urban areas in Aichi, Fukuoka, and Okinawa, and the prefectures of Hiroshima and Okayama. Avoid nightlife (night clubs, bars, hostess bars, izakaya, karaoke, etc.) and make every effort to avoid infection. Be aware also of the risk of airborne infection when dining with others.  Patronize shops that take proactive steps to reduce risk.
Keep in Mind at Shops and Restaurants:
・Avoid eating and drinking in large groups.
・Avoid sharing drinking vessels with others
・Reduce opportunities for raised voices, such as karaoke and events that require speaking loudly
・Avoid congestion when waiting to enter or pay at restaurants
Even in Tottori, the risk is everywhere around us. Take every possible measure to avoid infection. 
Avoid the “Three Cs”   1) closed spaces with poor ventilation; 2) crowded places; 3) close-contact settings.
■Wash hands thoroughly.
■Wear a face mask.
■Maintain a distance of 2m between persons.
■If you experience any cold symptoms, fever, cough, or any changes in your sense of smell or taste, stay inside and call the Consultation Centers for instructions.
■Be sure to call before going to seek treatment, and follow the instructions given.
The history of the individual in question will be reviewed and an examination will be made of those with whom the person has been in contact. Residents are asked to remain calm, confirm the accuracy of new information, and avoid being misled.

If you experience cold symptoms, fever, or decreased sense of taste or smell, before you go to the hospital, call:

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A notice to all foreign residents:

If you have lifestyle-relate concerns resulting from the coronavirus,  please feel free to contact TPIEF by telephone or through the Multilingual Consltation Form . See the bottom of this page for telephone numbers for each of our offices.  


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