...And It Snows Again

Here's an update on the lingering winter. Two nights ago we had slush which fell periodically from the roof during the night, waking us up with odd sounds at odd hours. Then that melted, and yesterday (and this morning) we had more snow. This is a problem because our bodies had already adjusted to the advent of spring. Now that we're hit with a cold wave again, we have trouble adjusting back. My hands are so cold in the morning that I can barely do anything. Mostly I just sit clenching my coffee cup and waiting for the sun to thaw the world out.

We had the community beautification of the local shrine, Matsugami Jinja, in my neighbourhood on a clear and not unpleasantly cool day last weekend. (See how smooth and weed-free the ground is in the pictures if you click that link? That's because the whole village gets together to make it that way.) Then I spent a few hours pulling up from my own garden the few hardy weeds that survived or thrived under the snow. But it seems I'll have to give this activity up for a few more days at least. The ground will not be good for spring planting if this continues.

I've heard talk of some new theories of an ice age coming. If that theory turns out to be correct, we're going to endure an awful lot of ice storms and frigid crop failures before it catches on, being that almost everyone is now committed to the prevailing orthodoxy of Global Warming that to advance any hypotheses to the contrary is to risk ridicule or ostracism. Let's open the floor to discussion.

Poke, poke. Visit me, people. I'm lonely in this frozen wasteland.