Benefits of TPIEF Membership

Special offers and benefits of membership

Subscription to our quarterly magazine Tottori Kokusai Tsushin

Borrow up to ten books from our lending library, rather than the usual five

Discounts and special offers from participating restaurants and shops

Discounts from participating travel agencies

We will be glad to send you a membership form by post.

For more information, please contact TPIEF at 0857-31-5951or by email at

Note: Be sure to show your membership card when requesting a discount, and remember that the card is only valid for the period of your membership, and is not transferable to another person.

The Complete List of Participating Shops

(to see the same information in Japanese, including the kanji, please click on our Japanese page)

Shops and Restaurants
Name Address Telephone Available discounts
I Wanna Do Iwado, Thai Restaurant
276 Iwado Fukube-cho, Tottori 0857-75-2090 5% discount on meals
Curry & Chai House asipai 251-4 Shouei-cho, Tottori-shi 0857-21-5881 Free hot or iced chai with purchase of meal
Sousaku Gohan & Gallery/Hachidori Table 45 Konan-cho,
0857-21-4300 One free drink for participant and companion
Patisserie & Cafe Drop 1-118 Kawabata, Tottori-shi 0857-29-1506 5% discount on food and drink, including cakes and take-out.
Bistro Tokyo 2-3-1 Nishiki- cho , Yonago-shi 0859-34-3456 One glass of wine provided free (limited to two customers per group)
Genmai Café
"Daily Bread"
197 Meiji-machi, Yonago-shi, Hotel Mata 2F 0859-34-3773 100 yen off meal purchases over 1000 yen for parties of up to 4
Sanpo (Chicken) 1-chome 72, Kakubancho, Yonago-shi 0859-22-5850 Free after-meal coffee or soft drink
Kurama Sushi Kurayoshi City, Agei-cho 1-chome 9-1 0858-26-5043 5% off
Sakaiminato Sakana (fish) Center 259-2 Takenouchi Dan-chi, Sakaiminato-shi 0859-45-1111 Free gift of seafood senbei
with purchases over 1000 yen
Nakaura Tairyo Ichiba (Nakaura Big Catch Market) 209 Takeunochi Dan-chi, Sakaiminato-shi 0859-45-1600 A small gift to customers
Bussan Kanko Center Minato-machi Shoten-gai 255-3 Takenouchi Dan-chi, Sakaiminato-shi 0859-47-3710 A small gift to customers
Tottori Auto-glass, Kuruma Seibi 1-84-2 Chiyomi, Tottori-shi 0857-27-4421 5% discount on window film application; 5% discount on window glass-related work
KRUKRA Asian goods shop 2516 Sakana-machi, Kurayoshi-shi 0858-27-0015 5% off all purchases
Reindeer/Hoku-ou (Land of the Norse) Interior Shop 334 Kanda-cyo Yonago-shi 0859-33-2007 5% off purchases over \10,000
TOY POP (Play Centre) 597-2 Ryoumitsuyanagi, Yonago-shi 0859-24-2434 5% off purchases over \10,000
JALANS sundry goods shop (Yonago) Yonago City, Kamifukubara 4-8-19 0859-35-7306 10% off

Language schools, Hobbies, Culture
Name Address Telephone
Available discounts
Nikka Friends; Multicultural Exchange Classroom 2F Ueta Building , 201 Shin-machi, Tottori-shi 090-7541-9725 1000 yen off matriculation fee normally 3000 yen
Zero Paraglider School 1-1155-36 Hamasaka, Tottori-shi 0857-29-9098 Receive a 10% discount on our one-day course for absolute beginners, reduced from \10,000 to \9,000. (Note that a \500 fee for safety management still applies)
Knowledge Support Corp. (Nareji Sapo-to) 3F Hanaki Bldg., 5-206 Koyama-cho Higashi, Tottori-shi 0857-30-2333 Receive a 10% discount on class fees (does not apply to entrance fee), “Support” Kojin-kai In receive 10% discount on half-year member fee (no refunds/cancellations); free trial lesson available for new students (telephone reservation required)

Sightseeing Spots
Name Address Telephone
Available discounts
Watanabe Museum Tottori City, Kakuji
Tsutsumishita 1-55-1
0857-24-1152 Admission discount
General admission reduced from 900 to 700 yen
Ishida-ke Juutaku 396 Chizu, Chizu-cho, Yazu-gun 0858-75-3500 \100 off admission (adults \500→\400)
Enchoen Chinese Garden 565-1 Hikichi, Yurihama-cho, Tohaku-gun 0858-32-2180 Receive a 20% discount on entrance fees; adults reduced to \400, grade- & middle school students to \160. Discount can only be used by up to 3 members of a group at one time.
Aoyama Gousho
Touhaku-gun Hokuei-cho
Yurashuku 1414
0858-37-5389 Admission discount (100 yen)
Student admission reduced from 500 to 400 yen
Child admission reduced from 300 to 200 yen
General admission reduced frrom 700 to 600 yen
Yonago Waterbird Sanctuary 665 Shinden, Hikona-cho, Yonago 0859-24-6139 \100 off general admission (\100 for ages high school to 69; children and seniors free)
Tottori Hana Kairo Flower Park 110 Tsuruta, Nanbu-cho, Seihaku-gun 0859-48-3030 A 10% discount on entry fees is available to up to 3 TPIEF members and their companions.
Yume-minato Tower ( Dream Port Tower ) 255-2 Takenouchi Danchi, Sakaiminato-shi 0859-47-3800 Receive a 10% discount on admission fees when you present your TPIEF member's card

Travel, accommodations
Name Address Telephone
Available discounts
Tis Tottori branch of Nippon Travel, Inc. 111-1 Higashi Honji-cho, Tottori-shi 0857-24-7322 Receive a 3% discount on package travel tours; Akai Fusen (Red Balloon) domestic tours, Mahha Besto (Mach Best) international tours.
Tottori branch of Top Tour Travel, Inc. 2-159 Tomiyasu-cho, Tottori-shi 0857-23-2001 Receive a 5% discount on Top Tour's domestic lodging package Shukuhaku; a 5% discount on Top Tour international package tour & JALPAK I'll package, and a 3% discount on AVA package tours.
Hotel Sun Route Yonago 1-1-55 Nishi Fukuhara, Yonago-shi 0859-33-0911 Receive a 10% discount on lodging
Sakaiminato Marina Hotel 3268 Niiya-cho , Sakaiminato-shi 0859-45-3111 Single room rate reduced to \4,500, a \750 discount; twin room reduced to \9,000, a \1,500 discount